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How to decide where to go?

What to do with your belongings?

How to keep a U.S. Phone Number?

…and receive essential text messages at little to no cost

How to get your mail or packages?

How to receive Social Security while living abroad

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I thought I’d prepared to move abroad after 10 weeks as a tourist and another 10 weeks living in an apartment in Cuenca, but I was wrong. Having this book before I moved from the States 5 years ago would have helped a lot. Even now, when I’m fairly fluent in Spanish and think I’ve adjusted well, this book showed a number of things I need to change, add, or eliminate.

Too many “how-to” books seem to be written for idiots, but Fourt, although writing in a chatty manner, assumes that the reader is both bright and eager to learn. I strongly recommend reading the entire book, as it brings up important topics you may never have considered.

Now I’m going back to pages I’ve bookmarked, so that I can make some necessary changes in my life here.

Jean McCord

This is the book I have been looking for. It contains the detailed “how to do it” of becoming an expat. Every expat has to solve the problems of banking, mail, driver’s license, health insurance, etc. I have lived abroad before, but an employer took care of the logistics.. This time I am on my own. This book is well written: clear, concise, and practical. I also like how the author addresses the cultural issues. You may think you will be invincible and not go into culture shock. You will. (I speak from experience.). This book will hep you be prepared.


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Ann Fourt had an early spirit for adventure and exploration when at the age of three she got her first tricycle and took off down the street. No one thought much of it until the police brought her home, having found her pedaling the tricycle a mile away.

A CPA and former corporate tax consultant, internal auditor and certified fraud examiner, she has lived in Germany, Colombia and Mexico and currently lives in Cuenca, Ecuador.

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