Updated September 2022 with new information and now indexed. Thinking of moving out of the U.S.? This book will tell you nuts-to-bolts how to do it: drawing on the experiences of actual expats who have gone before you, it will tell you whether you’re a good candidate to live abroad, how to decide where to go, what to do with your belongings, how to keep a U.S. phone number and receive essential text messages at little to no cost, how to get your mail or packages, how to do banking and manage your finances, how to receive Social Security while living abroad, how to watch your favorite U.S. sports & TV programs, how to practice safe online computing , how to prevent identity theft and credit problems while abroad, how to minimize and prevent federal & state income tax problems, where you should have your U.S. driver’s license and register to vote, and much more.Chock full of actual experiences of expats, this book provides tips on how to adjust to your new home abroad (wherever that is), avoid becoming a crime victim, and even methods for learning a new foreign language. Not only for those thinking of moving out of the U.S., the book also contains much valuable information for expats already living abroad or for digital nomads. Packed full of valuable tips and information.