Table of Contents

Chapter 1:   Introduction

Chapter 2:   Am I a Good Candidate for Living Abroad?

Chapter 3:   How to Decide Where to Go

Chapter 4:   What Do I Do with My Stuff?

Chapter 5:   Keeping in Touch with the U.S.

Chapter 6:   How Do I Get Mail & Packages?

Chapter 7:   Banking and Finances

Chapter 8:   Social Security & U.S. State Department

Chapter 9:   Digital Entertainment, News & Sports

Chapter 10: Healthcare, Medicare & End of Life

Chapter 11: Computer Security for Expats

Chapter 12: Identity Theft & Medical Billing Problems

Chapter 13: U.S. Federal Income Taxes

Chapter 14: State Income Taxes, Driver’s Licenses &

                        Registering to Vote

Chapter 15: Miscellaneous Topics

Chapter 16: Settling in to Your New Home

Chapter 17: Departure Travel Tips

Chapter 18: Further Resources

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